Friday, January 30, 2009

here's my MAD MAX

from tonight...till i comeback

see you soon gona be a hog tomorrow!!!

well what can you say..its the famous London Silver Vaults

Im so glad that i'm situated next beside to Lori-whom I considered as one of "the" experienced Interior designer at our office who shares every bit of knowledge she knows with regards to our craft..
yipeee here's the site of some rare silver crafts from the famous London Silver Vaults!!

the family is going back home!!

tWO years after and here we go again-back to our HOME country pinas! This time there's 3 of us and its a first for MAX. im gona eat lechon!! something greasy and I dont care about gaining weight- i mean i love to eat...but ill start with shedding some excess fatty thing when we come back ....but i love to eat =(

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What da??

Oh my..It's a rare find...i've had images of this Baccarat Chandelier but this shot is the best.

gigantic chandelier

Look at this!!

something QUIRKY

Staircase by Mario Buatta image courtesy of

A detail of the Sala delle Stampe of Palazzo Pisani Moretta in Venice, Italy. Photograph by Gianluigi Trivellato from 'Venetian Palazzi' (Evergreen, 1998).
image courtesy of

How I love to add this concept of having a bench inside the ELEVATOR--whew its always tiring to take a lift and waiting to be transported to the highest level =)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

how I love to eat cupcakes with those cutesy icing tops!!

oh my sweet tooth, make me happy pleassee.

images courtesy of

Happy Lunar New Year & I'm Alive!!!!

yeshaa!! Im back to blogging and so excited because this time around, im gona be like anybody else...into DESIGN BLOGS!! going to share my favorite finds and inspiration, my precious library though a messy one. Something about photography and architecture.